Released in 1976, and standing at approx. 13" tall, Biotron was the biggest of the Micronauts to be released to date. Based on the Microman "Robotman" from their "Victory Series" line (hence the "VS" on the front of the pelvis) and molded in red, white and blue plastic with chrome head and hands, Biotron was one of the first battery operated Micros to be released. Packaged in a large box, Biotron required 2 "C" batteries to function.Of course, he could be used without the batteries, and he could break down at the arms/ hands/ torso/ legs/ pelvis-and could be used as either a tank or a smaller rocket sled.

Biotron was riddled with 5mm peg holes, so he was fully compatible with the rest of the line. With the removal of the pelvis and legs, and a flip of the motorized treads on his back, he became a rolling tank. His forearms also contained small wheels that could be used for support to help him roll along. The control switch could be found on the left side of his chest, and he could be operational in either forward or reverse.
The batteries were placed into either side of the torso, underneath 2 chrome panels that flipped up. Inside Biotron's thighs were motorized pegs that moved back and forth, so when his lower legs were broken down and attached, he could walk…albeit pretty slowly. Biotron also came with 8 green adaptors, and 2 small white wheels with holders.
These connectors could be used for many purposes, but when certain ones were plugged into the head and shoulder holes, it could make his head and arms spin. As stated before, even without the batteries, Biotron was still an impressive toy. The lower legs could be formed into a one-man rocket sled, and probably the coolest feature was the removable chest canopy.
When this piece was popped loose from the torso, a figure could be placed inside making Biotron's chest a cockpit for the Micronaut to pilot him. Biotron's features were topped off with a chrome head, and chrome spring loaded pincher hands. On the side of the good guys, this big guy can give Baron Karza a run for his money! Biotron also came packed with a sticker and instruction sheet. A candy colored version of Biotron was also released by the Hour Toy co., for their Inter-Changeables line as the very rare Cosmobot