In the 70's, the Ben Cooper line of Halloween costumes was very popular. They were made pretty cheap, both in price and quality. But they licensed many characters, and the Micronauts were no exception. In 1978, the Ben Cooper co. made 2 different Micronaut costumes, Baron Karza and Biotron. Both were made the same way, in that 70's style of "K-Mart" simplicity. It was packaged as most children's costumes were back in those days, in a window box that was 8 "x 11"x 4". The costume had 2 basic pieces: the mask and the suit. The mask was pretty much a thin plastic face covering with an elastic band stapled to it to hold it on the head. It had eye holes and a mouth slit cut into it to breathe (thank God!). The suit was the 1 piece variety, sleeveless shirt and pants combo that opened up and tied shut in the back. The costume was made out of a semi stiff vinyl, with a nifty picture of Biotron and Baron Karza illustrated on the front. A warning came on the label, that if you washed it, it would wash off the flame retardant material!

Altho the costumes were very similar in design, the boxes varied greatly. Biotron came in a box with decent representations of the 2 characters on it, while Karza came in a box entitled "Scienc Fiction Costume and Mask". The bottom flap did read the name Micronauts with the costume size, but the front illustration had no Micronauts on it at all. The side did however show a 3 nippled Baron among the lunar landscape! Additionally, these costumes were also sold loose on a solid plastic hangar. Either way, if you were a kid in the 70's with a Biotron costume that Halloween, you were guaranteed the most candy (or apples with razor blades) when you trick-or-treated.