The main figures in the Inter-changeables line were the larger sized 6 ˝" Magno characters. The leader of the Micronauts was Force Commander, so it's IC counterpart would be based on the same figure, this time called: Captain Cosmo.

The two figures were basically identical, but there were some minor changes.The small rubber tipped missiles (used in the original Emperor figure release) were used replacing the smaller bullet shaped belly missiles. Other than that, the Captain and the Commander shared all the same original features like magnetic joints and launching fists. Where the Commander was a more creamy white in color with reddish orange highlights, the Captain was a more bright milky white with red highlights. This was mostly due to the cheaper plastic used, which also led to loose fitting parts.


The Cosmo Steed however (based on the basic magnetic-horse counterpart) was drastically different in color scheme than the Oberon horse. Oberon was mostly white with red highlights, Cosmo Steed was the opposite: mostly red with white highlights. While this new variation looked great, when combined with Captain Cosmo to form the centaur mode looked kind of odd.


A detail worth noting is that the horsetail used for the IC versions went back to the original "non-safety" pointed tail that was later changed in the Mego line to be more rounded. These figures are also almost identical in both colors schemes and packaging to the Italian GiG company released Nuovi Micronauti ("New Micronaut") line. As was a common occurrence with the Inter-changeables, some small parts were sometimes cast in different colors, thereby creating even more slight variants. In the case of the Cosmo Steed, the missile launchers came in both a solid red color and a red with white end cap. Also any kind of copyright or company info was removed from the figures body, and any kind of release date or year indication on the packaging was nonexistent…even further deepening the mystery of the exact origins of the toys altogether. Lastly, only Cosmo Steed - not Captian Cosmo - was released with an Inter-changeables version instruction sheet, which was basically an altered Micronauts sheet.
Micronology chart for Captain Cosmo and Cosmo Steed to come soon!