The Cosmo-Men, just like the Micronauts, needed a place to hang out, relax and drive a motorized car around a circular track and ride up and down a conveyor belt elevator. The Micronauts had the Stratastation and the Cosmo-Men had C.I.T.S. - the Cosmic Interstellar Transit Station. I mean, where else would you do all this stuff?

In all seriousness, this huge boxed item was a lot of fun for kids who could appreciate the different functions this motorized base could offer.



When the battery powered car entered the transmission base, you could lock it in place, and the spinning wheels would operate gears that would raise the converyor belt elevator. With all the interlocking track pieces assembled, the C.I.T.S. was 3' in length.


As was a common occurrence with the Inter-changeables, sometimes different parts of the toys pictured on the box would be cast in a different color than the actual toy inside. The track pieces shown on the box are all red, while this set had both red and yellow track sections. Note also the two different colored blue ramp pieces. C.I.T.S. also came with Inter-changeables versions instruction and sticker sheets, which were basically altered Micronauts sheets. Also any kind of copyright or company info was removed from any parts, and any kind of release date or year indication on the packaging was non-existant…even further deepening the mystery of the exact origins of the toys altogether. The Micronology below shows C.I.T.S. clocking in as the 3rd variation on the same set.