The most common and basic of figure in the Micronauts line was the Time Traveler. The same went for the Inter-changeables, but this time he would not only have some new colors, but a new name as well. He was the Cosmo-man.

The two sets of figures were basically identical, and the biggest change was of course the new colors. Two colors were similar to the old figures style, and the other two were brand new. A darker Indigo blue and richer amber color replaced the old blue and yellow, and the dark forest green and deep red were the new stunning additions.


With some of these new Cosmo-men looking a bit similar to the earlier released Time Travelers, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two. Of course, the green and red colors are a dead give away, but the blue and amber ones may be a little trickier to spot.


One simple way to assess this, is to flip the figure over and look for the company info (or lack thereof) across the back. The older Mego Time Travelers will have a "Mego Corp. ©" on the top shoulders and "Hong Kong" on the butt, while the Cosmo-man will have no information etched in at all.

The Cosmo-men came carded with basically no accessories except two small pegs. One was similar to the old Time Traveler "L-peg", and the other was just a simple 5mm straight peg, probably a left over scrap of plastic. Some details on the cards worth noting: the Cosmo-men shown have no ankle spats in the pictures, just the shoes. And the main red Cosmo-man pictured has an obvious Microman M-10X head. This figure was probably left over "display stock" from the old Mego package photographing days. Mego often had Microman figures pictured on the boxes and in catalog photos. A Cosmo-man variation called the "Cosmic Warp Chamber" offered a bit more for your buck, having added in the type 2 Pharoid Time Chamber as an extra play accessory. These new chambers were the same as the old Mego ones, but only cast in a darker blue color than it's predecessor. The Micronology below shows the Cosmo-man clocking in as the 6th variation on the same figure.