Toward the end of 1975, Takara released the second series of villians for the Micromen to battle, the aptly named Acroyear ll. Again the mix of black and white plastic to super bright and shiny chrome and die-cast metal was a big hit.

These Acroyears also shared the transforming feature, this one being a "flight mode". This was achieved by the figure coming equipped with a large winpack, and removable rolling feet, to which the "spy bird" could be attached. While the Mego Acroyear probably wouldn't be seen dead without his large wingpack and spinning fan blades, the Microman Acroyear ll was often shown and displayed without one.

Along with that accessory and the afore mentioned "spy bird", Acroyear ll was also packed inside his window box with a small chromed color matched dagger. These bright chrome colors also helped designate the names of these enemies, from left to right: A313 Mad Blue, A312 Mad Green and A311 Mad Pink.

Ironically enough, the Mego and Microman versions of these toys have their names switched, due to their release dates. Why? Probably the obvious...these Acroyears look much more mean and menacing then their spindly legged predicesors. Even the Mego execs saw this, even tho pink isn't a very imposing color...

Microman Acroyear ll (l) and Mego Acroyear (r). Note the drastic difference in the brightness of the chrome plating.

Acroyear A312 box. Note the "M-312" on the front, this was later changed from the "M" standing for "Microman" to the "A" which stood for Acroyear. The wingpack and spy-bird were packed behind the yellow plastic tray.
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