In 1977, the Microman Command series of figures were released. Four different Command teams were released by Takara, but Mego sadly opted to release only two sets. Sharing a similar yet earlier release year to it's American cousins the Pharoids, were the Command 2 M16X series.

These four man teams each shared a different theme, the Command 2 being an Egyptian one. The plain old capsules that came with the earlier released figures were spruced up with clever sculpting and detail, and became a huge hit with both Japanese and American kids.

Aside from the Command 2's coloring being a bit different than the Mego versions, a drastic loss to the Pharoid release was the exclusion of the cool translucent green figure! Maybe Mego wanted to keep production costs down, and wanted the rest of the 3 color variations per figure they were releasing to match number wise, but either way we were cheated! Thanks to the Takara re-issues in 1999, these rare figures are now easily obtained, and new color variations abound.

Mego did however release Takara stock early on in production, and was later changed which resulted in the US head and chamber variations. From left to right the Command 2 line-up: M162 Sander, M163 Smith, M161 Sherrif and M164 Sammy.

The Toys R Us "clear mode", opposite the regular releases, which feature an opaque M163

Mego Phariod "type 2" version (l) and vintage Microman (r)

Command 2 capsule

(l-r): M160 Egypton from the mail away Millennuim set, puzzle exclusive M164 chrome Sammy, Mission In Stealth 04 Toy Land show exclusive and 20th Century Toy's alpha H-7 set M161
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