In 1977, the Microman Command series of figures were released. Four different Command teams were released by Takara, but Mego sadly opted to release only two sets. Having an earlier release year than it's American cousins the Galactic Defenders, came the Command 3 M17X series.

These four man teams each shared a different theme, the Command 3 being an "Alien" one. Back in '77, the UFO craze was in full force, and Takara jumped on the band wagon with this chamber design. The plain old capsules that came with the earlier released figures were spruced up with clever sculpting and detail, and became a huge hit with both Japanese and American kids.

Other than Mego using solid color schemes for it's release, the main difference with the two figures is the chest section. Takara's Command 3 figures had a seperate glow portion, surrounded by gold trim. A nice touch to capture that eerie alien look. Mego did however keep all the small accessories (leg rockets and arm wings) but discarded the chamber for a modified Hoodman helmet and a few extra sci-fi weapons and wingpack.

In 1999 Takara re-issued these great figures and even popped out a few new color variations. From left to right are the Comman 3: M173 Tatsuya, M172 Tetsuya, M171 Takuya and M174 Tsuyoshi.

Toys R Us exclusive "clear mode"

(l-r): M170 Takeru from the mail away Millennuim set and M175 Toshiya Toy Land show exclusive

Command 3 chamber, based on a clay statue found in Japan thought to be an alien in a space suit

The Mego Galactic Defender (center) is an almagam of the Microman Hoodman (l) and the Command 3 (r)
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