"The Six Limbed Invader from the Faraway Galaxy of Thoraxid"

Released in 1979, this ant-like armored monster had a definite "hand up" on the good guys. Molded in purple and blue plastic, Antron with his four appendages looked very menacing, but he came with some strange weapons.A Blaster and Neutralizer (or "honey-dipper" ) made up two of the destructive weapons, while a Hook and Eyebolt rounded out the other two detaining devices. The weapons fit into the large detachable blue cuffs. Antron came with a removable brain that came in 2 colors- dark green, which resembled the card art, indicating an earlier and rarer release-and the more common glow in the dark light green.

Antron card front
Antron card back

Antron was also released sans weapons and cuffs by Lion Rock as part of a 6 figure assortment

Antron weapons


Dark green glow brain variation
Membros Lion Rock card