"Half Man Half Reptile From the Distant Planet of Sauria"

Released in 1979, Repto was molded in green plastic and came with 2 nasty weapons, a Blaster and a Buzz-saw!Talk about violence toward Time Travelers...! These weapons fit into the removable green cuffs, and were molded in orange plastic. Repto also came with (as all evil half man/half reptiles do) a set of red plastic bat-like wings that fit into the hole in his back.Also the only figure sporting a tail, Repto could stand very easily leaning back on this. The hard to remove brain came in 2 colors, yellow which matches the card art, indicating an earlier and rarer release, and the more common glow in the dark light green.

Repto card front
Repto card back

Repto was also released sans weapons and cuffs by Lion Rock as part of a 6 figure assortment

Repto weapons


Yellow glow brain variation
Repto Lion Rock card