"The Conqueror Gladiator from the Far Away Planet Equestris"

"This "Conquering Gladiator from the Remote Planet Equestris" has been one of the rarest parts of the vintage Micronauts series, featuring a unique alien design even by today's standards! Centaurus saw only very limited release in 1980, and now returns in new colors with additional new accessories designed by Micronaut collector Bryan Wilkinson." Released in 2003, the text from the file card says it all! These new Centaurus' were replicated from the Mego vintage Centaurus and come in one classic and three new color schemes: "vintage" blue/black, purple/black, translucent red and translucent yellow.

purple Centaurus accessories

Palisades tapped into collectors minds to tweak this new Series 2 to perfection, from the color schemes to the new accessories. The "vintage" Centaurus re-pro figure now sports a red colored brain/mane (instead of the original glowing green) that matches the original Ken Kelly artwork. New colors also include the "Terraphant" version- of purple, green and black- and two new exciting translucent schemes.

new Centaurus (l) vintage Centaurus (r)

"vinatge" colors Centaurus
with accessories

translucent red Centaurus
with accessories

translucent yellow Centaurus
with accessories

Palisades CGI Micronauts artist Bryan Wilkinson also contributed with two brand new incredible accessories for Centaurus; a gas mask and saddle (completely compatible with the old line) join the vintage shield and laser cross bow to make this 4-legged alien an even more fearsome threat. The saddle features a 5mm peg that fits into the figures back, and comes replete with a 5mm port on the top and 2 2.5mm ports on the side - which makes it also compatible with Pharoid's new Chrono-Wings.
Another new feature included with the Palisades figures are fantastic "crack-n-peel" stickers (packaged to the left of the figure inside the bubble) showing off the fantastic artwork of artist Dave Dorman. The reverse of the card shows off the same artwork again, this time as part of a collectible file card. The Centaurus "microbyte" reads: "The classic Micronaut Aliens line followed a series of simple physical archetypes: Insect and reptile, soft-skinned or armored-skinned, multi-armed - or in this case - multi-legged!"

These 4 different Centaurus' are all equally packed, 1 per case, inside a case of 16 figures. Lastly, an Alien specific figure stand was included in the package (even tho this particular figure doesn't need one).

All in all, the Palisades retro series 2 for 2003 is a welcomed addition into the Microverse.