"The Great Emperor of all the Micronauts"

"Known only as the 'Great Emperor of all Micronauts', the imposing Emperor carries an imperial wealth of accessories including a cape, Galactic Sword and glowing fists. His regal steed, Megas, differs only slightly from the other Magno-Powered steeds, Oberon and Andromeda, and shares their multiple configurations and interchangeability. This rare duo was primarily released outside the USA over 20 years ago." Released in 2003, the text from the file card says it all! These new Emperor's were replicated from the Mego vintage Emperor, and come in 3 new color combos: original black and gold, white with purple chrome and evil green.

In the 1980's, the Emperor magno figure only had a brief release in the United States under the Lion Rock banner, and saw life in the Interchangeables line as Lord Meto as well. When the Italian Gig Co. took over Micronauts production, Emperor saw a slightly larger production run, and unless you grew up in Italy 20 years or so ago, chances are you never even saw this "Mighty Emperor of all Micronauts"…until now. In 2003 Palisades Toys finally released the new and improved Emperor in his classic colors and decided to take it a step further with two new amazing color schemes.

"Classic" Emperor repro

One of the Emperor's new accessories is a cloth cape designed by collector Collette Bachman. This new cloth cape replaces the old rubber cape, which caused melting problems with all the vintage samples. "The Emperor's new clothes…!"

"off-white" Emperor with purple chrome highlights

Emperors backpack accessories, color co-ordinated to match each figure (l-r: black, translucent green and off-white) with sword chrome (l-r) being: gold, light purple, and dark purple


Palisades Micronauts GGI artist Bryan Wilkinson designed the other new accessory. The new mantle, or "Imperial Battle Armor" piece fits snuggly onto Emperor's neck, and plugs into the back's 5mm port. Off the sides of the mantle, on the shoulders, lay two 5mm holes suitable for mounting the backpack "Mach Drills" or any other compatible 5mm pegged Micronaut item. The cape can also be placed under the mantle as well. The inclusion of this new accessory makes the Emperor an even more imposing force than ever.

When is a toy not a toy? When it doesn't pass safety regulations. Included on the front of the packaging is this delightful statement:

Another new feature included with the Palisades figures are fantastic "crack-n-peel" stickers (packaged in the lower right hand corner of the box) showing off the fantastic artwork of artist Dave Dorman. The reverse of the box shows off the same artwork again, this time as part of a collectible file card. The Emperor "microbyte" reads: "The original Micronauts toys had little or no 'back story' apart from a sentance or two on their packages. Good or evil, Emperor's place in the Microverse's vauge 'cosmology' was never truly explained."

These series 2 magnos were re-tooled from the Factory 1 mistakes, and seem to feature a much stronger spring tension in the forearms, meaning the missiles actually fire with some power!

The chamfers (magnetic plates inside the figures body) were also re-tooled so the magnetic balls have a better contact, thus holding the figure together better.

Details on the Emperor/Megas 2-pack release have not been decided yet. Equally packed 2 per case, they will soon be available for purchase through their Collector's club as a website exclusive only.

Check back with ISO's FAQ page, or Palisades' website soon for more details to come.