Released in 1976, the Photon Sled was among the second series of vehicles put out by Mego which included a new little twist. Remember the "figure not included" text which graced all 70's (and even still today) packaging? Well Mego took a nod from Takara, and copied their marketing and packed a vehicle and figure together. Based on the Super Jet from the Microman "Machine Car" series, Photon Sled was a boxed item that contaned a smaller fold out window box with a Time Traveler figure included. What a great idea! (The Microman versions included an M-11X, and M-12X figure which Mego never released)

The Photon Sled was molded in blue and white plastic, and came with parts which included a rear wing, 2 side wings which held small white missiles, and a small plastic wheel and holder. The nose cone fit on the front of the main body, finished off with a removable nose cone tip. Also included was a 5mm L-peg which held the figure into the seat. The main body then could be popped onto the motor.
Another new feature for the vehicles in this series was the addition of the wind-up torque motor. This chrome motor would be used again in numerous Micronaut vehicles, due to its adapability with the 5mm peg/hole system. When holding the wheels (fitted with rubber tires) you could turn the white nob in a clockwise direction. When released, the wheels would spin propelling the vehicle forward. A surplus of these motors would later be released mainly in the Canadian markets as a 3 pack carded set. The Photon Sled also came packaged with instructions and a sticker sheet.

After the Mego run, Lion Rock released the Photon Sled minus the figure, as a smaller boxed item.