"The Six Wheeled Compact Multi-Purpose Planet Exploration Vehicle" Released in 1978 as a semi large boxed item, and based on the Microman Surveyor 1 ,the Star Searcher was a multi purpose land vehicle that could be either 1 or up to 4 or 5 different vehicles.

The main body consisted of 2 sections, rolling platforms riddled with 5mm holes for different parts placements. The front held the Survey Module cockpit, that had a green canopy and small black shield at the end. Next to module could fit the large spring-loaded missile launcher, that came with 3 long shafted rubber tipped missiles. The underside held a small black wheel with holder, and had 2 black snap on wheels. The front section also featured a "secret compartment" that was inside the body, and was basically a drawer to hold a figure.
The rear section held the other surveying components; a crane, bulldozer, and an extra set with tractor assembly, and rolled along on 4 black snap on wheels. The seat, or control module, was placed on top of the tractor assembly when in standard surveyor mode. The tractor treads were actually solid plastic, with small wheels underneath. Also underneath the treads was a retractable 5mm peg, which allowed it to be fitted to the other platform.
The bulldozer was comprised of a cabin which fit one figure, a green colored canopy, and a scoop which was held by two beams/arms that could slide into the body when the unit was folded up, or extended to use the scoop when the tractor assembly was added to make it free rolling. The same was used for the boom crane component. The telescoping crane arm could extend to 4x its size, and a string with orange hook at the end could be raised or lowered by turning a crank at its end. The crane body also had a slide out seat, which could hold a figure.
The whole assembly could also be folded up when in standard surveyor mode. The Star Searcher could be assembled in many different ways, and the multitude of components allowed for great interchangeability, whether it was used as 1 ship or 4. Star Searcher came packaged with a sticker and instruction sheet. Unfortunately, Mego chose not to release the second vehicle in this Microman set, the Microman Surveyor 2.