Released in 1978 as boxed items, and widely considered the lamest of all the Micronaut toys came Alphatron, Betatron and Gammatron. The Trons would always get a bad rap. It was rumored, that when Mego head honcho Marty Abrams was shown the Trons after they had already been released, he said he would have never approved them, and would have thrown them back at the guy! The Trons were strictly a Mego creation, being based on the basic motorized car unit first released with the Stratastation set.
Each Tron had a different name, gimmick, and color scheme. Taking 2 "AA" batteries, the Trons could perform such stunts as the "wobblematic walk", the "sommersaultic stride", and the "hopamatic hop". To do these and other stunts, the Trons came with all the same basic accessories: color matched transparent head and battery cover, front wheel and holder, 2 large black wheels, 2 small and 2 large extensors, 2 short and 1 long peg unit, and 2 hollow "drums", which were basically connectors. Each Tron also came with 2 chrome antenna which are often missing from loose examples, and are easily broken. Each Tron also had a different face sticker and specialized accessory.

Alphatron came with 2 robotic "grappling arms". Betatron came with an Acroyear-like backpack which consisted of a "rotor arm unit", "rotors" and pins to hold them on. Gammatron had 2 bulldozer arm attachments and a bulldozer scoop. The "on/off" switch was located on the left side of the car unit, and had a 3-speed switch on the bottom for a slow/neutral/fast mode.

The main body wheels spun, and with the 5mm peg/hole system in full effect, the many attachments could be added for many stunts. The Trons were never meant to be taken seriously and as the song on their TV commercial went," One by one, and two by two, how wacky it's all up to you-here come the Trons!" Each Tron came packed with individual sticker and instruction sheets.