"Metal Die-cast and Plastic Fully Poseable Space Warrior, Fits All Micronaut Action Toys"
...reads the card description. Released in 1977, it should more likely have read, "Most Poorly Designed Figure!" Still mean and nasty despite all that, Acroyear ll was based on the Microman Acroyear and came in Silver ,Blue, and Red. Why Mego did this name switch is probably due to their release dates. Acroyear ll actually predates Acroyear, but they were released in a different order in the US. Still a very cool figure, Acroyear ll has it's problems. He has skinny plastic arms, and even skinnier plastic legs that make handling the weight of it's die-cast metal torso hard to manage. It's instability might also have to do with the fact almost every part is detachable - arms, head, torso, hips, and the leg pieces - thighs to calves to feet. Altho still very menacing with the chrome ball fists, the skinny legged Acroyear ll is no match for a Galactic Warriors missile attack.

Acroyear ll blue




Acroyear ll red


So to compensate, he came with many accessories. 2 roller arms, a small wheel which fit in between the knee socket holes, and a small spring loaded missile launcher with 2 chrome missiles. The launcher fit into the figures back when it "tank" mode, replacing the chrome wing pack he also came with.

Note : this silver carded version has the figures positioning different


There were unfortunately more Microman Acroyear figures Mego did not import...