The Aquatron, a boxed item released in 1976, was a land and water toy. Based on the Marine Condor from the Microman "Spy Car" series, this vehicle was slightly modified from its Japanese cousin. As a land rover, the main body was set up with 3 small wheels and holders, which fit into 5mm holes in the underside. On the sides of the body, 2 black wings held 2 yellow floaters with removable tips, and a small handlebar attachment fit into a 5mm hole toward the back to help hold the feet of a standing figure in place. An adjustable 4 piece handlebar section (made up of a body pin, hinge unit, extension arm, and a "whirlator" handle) could be popped into a front 5mm hole as a steering unit.

A small black whirlator pin was used as a kind of tail pipe. As a water craft, the aqua motor could be mounted to the underside of the man body via the propulsion unit adaptor, or large L-peg. The aqua motor was basically a casing that took a" penlight" , or A battery that, when the end section was turned clockwise, powered a small motor that spun a little gear. The gear could then be fitted with a small red propeller.
Taking the large handlebar section and placing into the back of the body could be straightened out and used as a support for a laying down pilot. There were two major modifications of the Microman vehicle before it became a Micronaut one. First, a color change from green to yellow for the main body parts, and then removal of a secondary play feature. The original came wih a spinning "wheel of fortune" roulette game on the underside, which was changed to the similar looking black cover you got with the Aquatron.

Later European versions of the Aquatron came with an added Time Traveler figure, as the earlier US releases did not. Aquatron also came packed with instructions and a sticker sheet. The Spy Car series had 6 different vehicles, but Mego only chose 3 of them for release, not picking up the Sea Spider, Gyro Panther, or Racing Wolf.