Released in 1976 as a medium sized boxed item, the Astrostation was a dual purpose flying battleship or stationary lab. Based on the Microman Connig Station, the Astrostation was an odd looking, but very interesting toy.

The main body was an open section that fit 2 black chairs on a rotating platform section. The lever on the side could be pulled and the chairs would spin around. A hibernation capsule could also fit into this open control room, and was a great added accessory. In front of the 2 seats sat an autometer panel, that is held onto the body of the ship via double elbow joint connector arm. This allowed the panel to be folded forward to close up the front of the ship, or be rotated to any angle. The other end of the main body held a flip-down seating section. This section also had a "computer panel", and 2 5mm holes, which could hold the 2 yellow long shafted chairs.
A single firing spring loaded "neutron missile gun" could also be placed off the back, and the "scramble shooter" or ramp could be placed there as well. This back section could also flip up to close up the back and top of the ship. Another double firing spring loaded "ray wave missile gun" was also added and held to any 5mm hole with its accompanying black elbow joint.
The underside of the ship held 4 black cone shaped bases or "rocket boosters". Another cool accessory added was the figure launcher. Any figure could be placed into the spring-loaded ejector, and when you pulled down a lever and hit a button, the figure would launch pretty far! Kind of a dangerous feature for the fragile plastic Micronauts, but an exciting action feature none the less.
5 L-pegs were included on a small plastic tree, and a strange rounded black J-peg was also added, that to this day no one is quite sure of it's function. More than likely it is used to hold the back fold-up section in place when the ship is closed up. 3 rubber tipped missiles were also included, and in latter releases were "piece bonded" or glued into the launchers for safety purposes. The Astrostation's odd shape made it one of the more popular ships in the line, and came packaged with a sticker and instruction sheet. The HourToy Co. also released a brighter colored version called the C.E.D.M. (Cosmic Energy Defense Module) and M&D Toys released a silver version C.E.D.M. for their Interchangeables line.