Mego did a few exclusives with various department stores, and in 1978 Montgomery Ward put out the Blue Galactic Cruiser. Identical to the regular earlier release, the green parts were instead molded in blue. Not a particularly special change, but very rare none the less. When ordered from the catalog, it arrived packaged in a small brown mailer box, but included a Time Traveler figure as well as a wind up motor. This item included both an instruction and sticker sheet, and was based on the Microman Space Buggy from their Cosmo Car series. Molded in blue and grey plastic, it had many parts which fit into the numerous 5mm holes throughout its chasis.

Parts included a main body that had a front girder strip which held the steering handle bars, that plugged into the front hood axle and wheel. The trike was balanced out in the back by 2 axle arms (which had 2 elbow type joints for various positioning) and 2 large rear wheels. But looking cool wasn't enough, the Cruiser also came equipped with a double barrelled spring loaded missile launcher, with 2 rubber tipped missiles. This plugged into the top of the body with a hinged joint via the 5mm peg/hole system. Another small piece called the rear insert adaptor rounded out the list of accessories, and resembled a tail pipe for the back of the body.
The main body then could be popped onto the wind-up torque motor. This chrome motor would be used again in numerous Micronaut vehicles, due to its adapability with the 5mm peg/hole system. When holding the wheels (fitted with rubber tires) you could turn the white nob in a clockwise direction. When released, the wheels would spin propelling the vehicle forward. A surplus of these motors would later be released mainly in the Canadian markets as a 3 pack carded set. The blue Galactic Crusier had to be assembled from the ground up, down to screwing the main body halves together. To see an example of how this origianlly was shipped and assembled, go to Russell Jones site, Dazlogames.