Released in 1977, the Giant Acroyear was 5 toys in 1, and was one of the only robots sharing the same name as the toy he was based on, the Microman Giant Acroyear . A large thin boxed item, Giant Acroyear came packed in a plastic tray, disassembled, and not recognizable as the figure pictured on the box front. Altho not battery powered, he was one of the first "transformer" Micronauts released. Standing 8 " high when fully assembled, molded in red and light and dark blue, Giant Acroyear came with many accessories.

When first opened, you would see 4 different basic modes that made up Giant Acroyear. 2 fully assembled red and blue (with metal torso and chrome head) small robots (known as the Microman "Armroids" "Ta" and "Sh"), an assembled rocket plane (AKA the "Acrojet" in Microman) and parts to a missile launching vehicle (the "Acrocannon" in Microman), along with other assorted parts/pieces and missiles. The 2 small Acroyear arm robots were detachable at the torso, hips, head, arms/elbows and legs/knees, and their only accessories included a chrome missile launcher for each, with 2 color matched missiles.
The rocket plane consisted of a red nose cone missile, white missile launching fuselage with white wheel and holder. This was attached to the main torso, via the upper leg pieces. With 2 large white wings plugged into the shoulder holes, the plane was completed with a white tailfin unit holding 2 white tailfin rudders. The torso contained a seat cockpit, with a latch that flipped up to hold the pilot.

The missile launching vehicle consisted of the Giant Acroyear's head fit into the winged backpack, which was in turn plugged into the blue chassis bar (with blue wheel and holder) and Micronaut carrier attachment. The lower leg sections were fitted with 5mm holes on the back, to be plugged into the corresponding pegs on either side of the chassis. The lower legs also had large rollers that acted as rear wheels. Finally, a large blue missile launcher was placed in the remaining peg hole on the chassis and had 3 red winged missiles.


These 4 basic items were all released separately in the Microman line in Japan as boxed pieces, and later released as a big boxed set, the same as Mego released Giant Acroyear. Giant Acroyears basic assembly consisted of attaching the lower legs to the upper legs, then attaching that to the torso, and placing the Giant Acroyear head on top.

2 small blue arm adaptors were included to fit into the shoulders of the torso, to hold in place the red and blue robots (sans head and arms) as the Giant Acroyears arms. Small chrome missile launchers were placed between the arm robot's legs, and with the addition of the winged backpack, the biggest of all Acroyears was ready for action.
The multi-faceted Giant Acroyear provided endless hours of interchangeability and also came packed with a sticker and instruction sheet. A different colored version and a more "silver" colored version was also released by the Hour Toy co., and M&D Toys respectively as the C.I.R.E.S.
There were unfortunately more Microman Acroyear figures Mego did not import...