What is this?? The secret never before seen or released Gyrotron prototype? In the early Micronaut catalogs, this vehicle was pictured along with the other original 1976 releases. Altho at some point proposed, the Gyrotron never made it as a Micronaut toy. What you see here is actually the Microman Escargo, from their "Mecha Cosmo" series.

Some collectors claim to have had one, lo those many years ago, but with no evidence of anything Gyrotron on these shores such as packaging ever surfacing, its highly doubtful.Due to the large amount of accessories included, and the fact that its battery operated too, would probably have proven to expensive to produce cost effectively. Mego often photographed Microman toys for catalogs and boxes, and even used much Takara stock as early releases, but as bugets must be kept, Mego produced its own stock in Hong Kong much cheaper.
The battery compartment was located on the main body right behind the cockpit. An on/off switch was located on the top, and a clear plastic canopy snapped into place over the 2 seater section. A multitde of accessories included another clear rounded dome piece which fit onto the bottom, and a black plastic rounded section which doubled as a rear platform or could be snapped into the back making the vehicle a completely round shape. There were also 2 black arms with elbow joints that held 2 round wheel balls with holders (for various configurations). 2 yellow spindles or axles could be used with the 2 black rubber treads to make the vehicle roll forward. 2 more large yellow "wheels" could plug into the spindles in this mode, or be used as radar dishes (which they kind of resembled) in another.
Lastly, a small black plastic gun was included. What tremendous fun a child could have with this versitile toy...and if you grew up in Japan in the 70's, you did...