Released in 1976, the Hydra was another interestingly designed vehicle released for the figures. A boxed item packaged with both an instruction and sticker sheet, Hydra was based on the Microman Bulk Lifter from their "Cosmo Car" series. Molded in blue and white plastic, it came with many parts, fully interchangeable with the 5mm holes throughout its main chasis. A spring loaded double barrelled missile launcer shot 2 rubber tipped missiles, which was held to the main body by 2 blue swing arms.

The launcher had 5mm pegs, which fit into the holes on the arms, which in turn had pegs that fit into the body. A set of handlebars (called the command chair) also plugged into the launcher giving the figure something to hold onto. Another blue joint arm held pilot seat behind the launcher, and both were adjustable and could be raised or lowered. The instructions show a "clip" that plugged into the pilot set to hold the figure, but was later removed and replaced with the 5mm L-peg. This was because the original Microman had no 5mm holes in their backs to hold them to the seats. Hydra rolled along on 4 blue wheels, the 2 larger ones plugging ito the rear of the body with small pegs, and the 2 smaller ones in the front with a swivelling axle. The Microman Cosmo Car series had 3 vehicles, including one called the Sky Roader, which Mego chose not to release.