"Micropolis, the building set that never stops growing," read the Mego catalog. There were 5 different Micropolis building sets released and Mega City was one of them. Released in 1979 as Sears department store exclusive, it was a very large boxed item. Mego's use of repackaging the city sets was utilized to the maximum with this set that contained a whopping 579 parts. The city sets were designed to stimulate a childs creative ability, and at the same time, make their fingertips very sore! Based on the snap together building panels included with the Microman Build Base play set, the Micropolis city sets could be assembled in any configuration you could think up. The basic idea was to connect each panel with small gray connectors and build structures that resembled the ones on the packaging. Each set came with a large sized instruction sheet map that acted like blue prints for each building section. You could lay each panel out on the map, and then begin the arduous task of snapping each on onto each connector. Each panel contained roughly 12 5mm holes, and had small recessed surfaces to snap the square connectors into. The connectors had a small bend in them, and contained 4 dimples. The bend allowed the connector to fold over for corners or be rigid for walls, depending on which way you attached it to the panel piece. This was the "exclusive snap-action two-way Microhinge"!

The Mega City pictured on the box was a very odd structure indeed, and allot of the buildings were held in place by the girders. But due to the fact you could assemble it in any configuration you wanted, I guess it really didn't matter. Mega City contained almost double the amount of parts as the regular city sets, and even included some chairs and bases from the Astrostation ship. Very complicated, very time consuming, but when finally assembled…looked interesting. The Micronauts needed a command base, and Mega City was it!