Released in 1976 as a large thin boxed item, the Mobile Exploration Lab, or "M.E.L." as it is otherwise known, was based on the Microman M-115 Conning Tower, and was an impressive ship indeed. Standing at a whopping 14 1/2" tall and molded in blue and white plastic, the M.E.L. consisted of two main body parts: the tower and the rocket base. The tower was actually 2 seperate pieces that needed to be assembled with joint plates and screws provided. With the 2 parts together, the 2 tower sections could be stacked via tabs to make 1 large tower.
The upper tower front had 2 large seat holes, which were covered with 2 chrome circular plates, and held in place with 2 amber domes. The back had a flip down door which held the missile launcher, which was a solid plastic version of the Galactic Warrior "hand bazooka" w a 5 mm peg attached. 2 missiles were included, and in later releases the missiles were "piece bonded" or glued into the launcher. The tower was topped off by an observation seat with a large amber dome. The lower tower section had on the front a 2 piece-opening door, and a large circular opening in the back to fit a white plastic "engine" fitting.

The tower also had 5 mm holes all along the joint plates, which could hold the control arms. The 2 control arms were made up of the claw, 2 connecting caps, 1 coilbar connector, and 1 elbow joint. The rocket base was made up of the main body unit, and the rocket nose slid straight into its front. It was supported by the small suspension arm with 2 small chrome wheels, and the main body supported by a larger blue suspension axel with rubber tires, which fit snuggly into the underside opening. The side held the 2 large blue main wings, and toward the rear 2 seat hatches with elbow joints fit behind the small seats, and large vertical fin with wing fit between them. A small vertical fin fit on the rocket nose, and 2 rocket boosters fit into the back body section.
A smaller 1 man ship, the "forward capsule" was also included that could be assembled separately, or added to the tower sections to make a horizontal rover vehicle. The forward capsule ship was 2 pieces, a top and bottom, fitted with a small amber dome. A circular stabilizer joint held 4 stabilizer fins or "rockets", and was supported in the front by a large blue plastic wheel and shaft. The capsule ship could be added to the tower as the rover, and supported on each side by the last 2 accessories that were included, a white arm attachment equipped with 2 5mm pegs to hold the rubber tires.
A truly unique mobile lab that offered many interchangeable possibilities, M.E.L. also came with an instruction and sticker sheet. Takara also released the New Conning Tower, which Mego chose not to produce. A brighter colored version called the C.I.E.L. (Cosmic Interstellar Exploration Lab) was released by the HourToy Co., and a silver version C.I.E.L. was released by M&D Toys as part of their Interchangeables line.