Released in 1978 Nemesis was meant to be the evil counterpart to Microtron. This was during the latter Mego years, when they began to branch off into their own designs. And it showed…molded in black and pink(?) plastic, Nemesis was based solely on Microtron and not having any Microman cousin. Packed in a medium sized box, this was probably Mego's way of re-using molds and not having to license any new product from Takara.

Nemesis' accessories were not as plentiful as Microtron's, only including a small red wheel and holder, and the red T-bar. Main accessories were 2 skinny robotic arms and 2 spin rollers. Nemesis seemed by appearance to be based on a kind-of medieval knight. The spin rollers were covered with nubs/spikes, and the head resembled a knights helmet, with eye slit and horns.
The infamous wiener-drill was also not as impressive, whittled down to a cone, maybe even lance shape. Nemesis did share all Microtron's motorized capabilities tho, and also took to "AA" batteries which were installed in the compartment in his back. Both the arms and drill rotated when switched on, and the removable rubber tank treads propelled him forward.
Nemesis main design flaw, in my opinion, was the fact that the spin rollers could not be attached to the arms, and vice-versa, as Microtron's could. Maybe this was intentional to make him appear to have an arm and shield, like a knight, when one of each was placed onto the torso. Regardless, Nemesis is considered one of the rarer Micronaut releases, and is a hard to find item loose or MIB. Lastly, Nemesis came packed with an instruction sheet.