In 1977 Mego released its first 3 die-cast metal and plastic combo vehicles. The Neon Orbiter was one, based on the Microman Drag Tiger from their "Spy Car" series. This Orbiter was modified from its original Microman version with the main body cast in metal instead of plastic. A boxed item packed in a styrofoam tray, other additions and subtractions were implemented with the Micronauts release.

Color changes aside, the main body attached to a large steering column which held a plastic wheel. 2 large rear side wheels plugged into the body via 5mm peg axles. 2 large front side wings also remained the same, while additions of 2 small red wings, and a large rear stabilizer with 2 stabilzer wings rounded out the other ones.

One major modification was the removal of a crossbow gun and trigger underneath the main body. The original also came with cardboard targets (as did a few others in the Microman Spy Car series) for a target shoot game. This Orbiter came with instructions, but no sticker sheet. The Spy Car series had 6 different vehicles, but Mego only chose 3 of them for release, not picking up the Sea Spider, Gyro Panther, or Racing Wolf.