"Metal Die-cast Space Warrior with Soft Tipped Missile Action"
Mego brought out the big guns with this figure. Released in 1976, the die-cast Galactic Warrior was based on the Takara Super Steel 22X Microman figure, and came in 3 colors; blue, green, and red. Galactic Warrior came packaged with a spring loaded missile launcher (otherwise known as the "hand bazooka") and 2 rubber tipped missiles. The cannon had a detatchable connector piece that joined the launcher to the 5mm peg in the figures chest. The launcher part had handles on either side for the figure to hold, and being made from pretty sturdy die-cast metal, the Galactic Warrior could hold the gun straight out from his body.

Galactic Warrior blue

with "hand bazooka"

Galactic Warrior green

While the Microman version had more pointed plastic projectiles, Mego fitted their missiles with soft round rubber tips (like all the missiles in the line) to reduce the choking hazard for children. The missile shafts and launcher were color matched to the figure. When not blasting Acroyears, the launcher could be mounted to the figures back via the 5mm peg/hole system. He was also packed with the Time Traveler style chestplate, and detachable parts included hands/cuffs and of course the launcher.