"The Slithery Skinned Invader from the Remote world of Visceros"

How ugly can you get? Released in 1979, Membros was molded in evil red and orange plastic and came covered in bumps with big fangs and bulging eyes! With Blaster in one hand (or should I say, cuff) and Hydra-laser in the other, Membros was a force to be reckoned with. The weapons fit snuggly into the removable cuffs, and he also came with a backpack, called a Hydra-pack based on the Microman Rescue Command backpack. An often missing thin cable called a Hydra-pipe connected the back pack with the weapon. Membros removable brain came in 2 different colors-orange, which more resembled the card art indicating that it might have been an earlier and rarer release - and the more common glow in the dark light green.

Membros card front
Membros card back

Membros was also released sans weapons and cuffs by Lion Rock as part of a 6 figure assortment

Membros weapons


Orange glow brain variation
Membros Lion Rock card