"Fully Poseable Space Warrior with Time Chamber"
This new "time traveling" Micronaut, released in 1977, was a plastic figure packaged with an Egyptian styled sarcofogus. Based on the Takara Micoman M16X Command 2 figure, Pharoid had two head and chamber variations. Both came in the same 3 colors; blue, red, and grey, and are referred to as Type 1 and Type 2.

Pharoid blue US Mego "type 2" version


Pharoid gray US Mego "type 2" version

Type 1 was basically a direct import from Japan, and was identical to the Takara Comand 2 figure. Sporting the Microman version head and "JAPAN" stamped on the rear, the chamber also had a major difference. At the bottom were Japanes kanji that read, "Microman Command". Later in the series, Mego made a change, and the Type 2 was born. This Pharoid is the more commonly found one, with a Space Glider style head and Egyptian style hiroglyphs replacing the Japanese writing.

Along with the color matching chamber, Pharoid came packaged with small gold "winglets" . These cobra shaped accessories fit into small holes in the figures thighs, a common theme that ran through the Microman line. Being detachable, along with the hands/wrist cuffs, these cool little attatchments are often missing from a figure. These winglets and an L-peg were packaged inside the chamber. Another nice feature of Pharoid was his glow-in-the-dark chestplate, which had a small Egyptian face etched on it.


Pharoids US carded versions



Pharoids Japanese carded versions

Note: this bubble variation is held in place with ring punches

Pharoid was also released sans chamber and wings by Lion Rock as part of a 6 figure assortment


Pharoid Lion Rock card

The tomb was also released under the Inter-changeables line with a Cosmo Man (Time Traveler), labeled as The Cosmic Warp Chamber.