"Metal Die-cast Space Warrior with Flapout Wingpack"
Released in 1976, this was a heavy duty figure, made almost entirely out of die-cast metal. Based on the Takara Super Steel Microman M21X, Space Glider came in 3 different colors; blue, gold, and green. Detachable parts included the hands and wrist cuffs, helmet and wingpack (otherwise known as a "dash wing"), which had a 5mm peg which fit into the hole in the figure's back.

Space Glider green



Space Glider yellow

Accessories included a small blue plastic helmet, and a color corisponding wingpack. The wingpack folded down when not in use. Then wih the touch of a button, the spring-loaded wings would pop out ready for flight. The helmet being small and easily lost, most Space Gliders are found today missing this accessory ...unless you were a kid who really took care of his toys!