"Fully Poseable Space Warrior"

Twords the latter end of the Micronauts run, Mego released these Time Traveler variations molded in solid plastic in 4 different bright colors; apple green, cherry red, powder blue, and lemon yellow. They were packaged identical to their clear counterparts, with the cards and bodies both bearing a 1976 copyright.

Time Traveler blue


Time Traveler red


Time Traveler yellow


These opaque versions also came with 4 different types of chestplates, commonly referred to as "log cabin", "radio dial", "window panes", and "volt meter". These also were made in 4 colors; blue, green, yellow, and gold. The chestplates were detachable, along with the wrist cuffs and hands, ankles or "spats", and feet. Time Traveler was packaged with one accessory, an "L" shaped peg that fit into the 5mm hole in his back. A seemingly useless accessory, this important little piece of plastic acted as an anchor to hold the figure into the vehicles and ships and whatever else you wanted to plug him into.



Having been released at the end of the Mego run, these figures are much rarer and are eagerly sought after by collectors.