Released at the same time as his sidekick Nemesis in 1978, Phobos was a large boxed item molded in a very nice red and black plastic, with chrome head and hands. About this time, Mego was designing it's own toys for the Micronauts line, and they based Phobos on the already existing Biotron, therefore Phobos had no direct Microman counterpart. He shared all Biotron's motorized capabilities tho, including walking, rolling tank, and spinning head and arms. The 2 "C" batteries were placed inside the torso on either side, underneath chrome panels.

The 2 small wheels and 8 adaptors (identical to Biotron's) were molded in an off-white and could be used to help perform many functions, such as helping the head and arms to spin. Phobos could also walk when the lower legs were broken down and placed onto the motorized pegs located inside the thigh section. He could also roll along in tank mode, with a flip of the motorized treads on his back. The forearms contained small rollers for support when in this mode.
Phobos also had the removable chest cockpit and chrome spring loaded pincher hands. The most visible difference with Phobos and Biotron (besides the color scheme) was the head sculpt. Phobos' head was much larger, had horns, and contained 2 faces! On one side, was a goofy looking "smiling" type face, and on the other was a more evil menacing face.

Phobos packaging also included an instruction sheet. It's obvious that Phobos was on the side of evil…but to explore more of Phobos dual personality traits, check out Sam Staley's site aptly named Phobos' Dilemma, and decide for yourself!