In 1977 Mego released its first 3 die-cast metal and plastic combo vehicles. The Rhodium Orbiter was one, based on the Takara Magnemo vehicle Gesomachine, from the Godam 5 series. This was one of two vehicles based on non-Microman toys. A boxed item packed in a styrofoam tray, this Orbiter went thru some major changes before it became a Micronaut ride. One major change was the removal of 2 magno-ports on either side of the main body. In the 1977 catalog, in one of the collage pictures, you can see the main chasis with 2 Baron Karza legs attached.

Other differences included some extra accessory additions, as well as color changes. While keeping the original squared missile launcer and missle, 2 rear exhaust pipes which fit into the rear body section, along with the 2 front exhaust pipes and spinning nose assembly, some changes included removal of a clear cockpit canopy (also pictured in the 1977 catalog) and 4 wheels with rubber tires instead of just 2. A large vertical fin with wing was also added to fit into the rear body section, as well as 2 "fuel cells" which were basically 2 side fenders.

As an interesting side note, the figure pictured on the instruction sheet was not mystery Micronaut figure, but the original vehicles Godam 5 pilot. This Orbiter also did not come with a sticker sheet, but did come with instructions.