Toward the end of the Micronauts run, Mego began creating its own vehicles as well as figures, in addition to licencing the newer and existing ones from Takara. Taurion was one of these. Released in 1979 in a box, This vehicles design would be used many times over throughout different Mego lines.

Molded in red, white and grey plastic, the main body came with a clear snap-on canopy. Being designed as a small and compact vehicle, it came with few accessories. 2 small vertical control wings, 2 large horizontal control wings, and front wheel with holder. The front wheel went underneath, while in the back fit a wind up motor. This chrome motor would be used again in numerous Micronaut vehicles, due to its adapability with the 5mm peg/hole system.
When holding the wheels (fitted with rubber tires) you could turn the white nob in a clockwise direction. When released, the wheels would spin propelling the vehicle forward. A surplus of these motors would later be released mainly in the Canadian markets as a 3 pack carded set. The seat in the cockpit was removable, designed to be used with the Micronauts Star Defender. It was then molded in different colors, and fit snuggly atop the elevator tower so a figure could be moved up and into it. Mego again used Taurion for its Pocket Super Heroes line recolored as the Robin Shuttle. Taurion came packaged with instructions and a sticker sheet.