1977 Mego released its first 3 die-cast metal and plastic combo vehicles. The Thorium Orbiter was one, based on the Microman Jet Mirror from their "Spy Car" series. This Orbiter was modified from its Microman version, with the main body cast in metal rather than plastic.

A boxed item packed in a styrofoam tray, the other accessories included 2 large side pods, which were working periscopes equipped with small mirrors. 2 black side wings fit into the sides of the pods via the 5mm peg/hole system, as did a vertical fin to the body. A Nose cone and tip fit into the front of the body, and 2 wheel carriers held 2 plastic wheels apiece on the underside. If you wanted a motorized Orbiter, another small wheel and holder were included to be used when a wind-up motor was attached (not included).


Some of the major modifications from Microman to Micronaut vehicle included the removal of an extra play feature. According to the Jet Mirror instructions, the original main body also doubled as a kaliedascope, and the sidepods a gun for a target game. The Thoruim Orbiter came with instructions, but no sticker sheet. The Spy Car series had 6 different vehicles, but Mego only chose 3 of them for release, not picking up the Sea Spider, Gyro Panther, or Racing Wolf.