Released in 1976, the Ultronic Scooter was among the second series of vehicles put out by Mego which included a new little twist. Remember the "figure not included" text which graced all 70's (and even still today) packaging? Well Mego took a nod from Takara, and copied their marketing and packed a vehicle and figure together. Based on the Microman Auto Buggy from their "Machine Car" series, the Ultronnic Scooter was a boxed item that contaned a smaller fold out window box with a Time Traveler figure included. What a great idea! (The Microman versions included an M-11X, and M-12X figure which Mego never released)

The Ultonic Scooter was molded in black and yellow plastic, and was a simple yet cool Micro-chopper that came with few parts. The yellow front tire snapped into the front forks/handlebars, which in turn fit into the transmission section. The large yellow seat (which held the figure in place with a 5mm L-peg) would then be popped onto the motor. Another new feature for the vehicles in this series was the addition of the wind-up torque motor.
This chrome motor would be used again in numerous Micronaut vehicles, due to its adapability with the 5mm peg/hole system. When holding the wheels (fitted with rubber tires) you could turn the white nob in a clockwise direction. When released, the wheels would spin propelling the vehicle forward. A surplus of these motors would later be released mainly in the Canadian markets as a 3 pack carded set. The Ultronic Scooter also came packaged with instructions and a sticker sheet.