"Enemy of the Micronauts"

Released in 1976, this villain was composed of die-cast metal and plastic. Acroyear was based , ironically enough, on the Microman's Acroyear ll, and came in 3 colors: blue, greenish/gold and pink. The accessories packed with him contained a large wing-pack with chrome spinning discs, dagger, and a small bird-plane attachment. The discs and dagger color matched the head and chest plate, and the figure had many removable parts. The head, arms, backpack, and roller feet were all removable.

Acroyear green




Acroyear blue


The bird-plane attachment hooked into the figures legs to create a rolling "tank". Both Acroyears had this early transforming feature. The discs also had 5mm pegs which allowed them to be removed from the wing pack that fit into the hole in Acroyears back. All in all, the Acroyear was a heavy duty formidable foe!

There were unfortunately more Microman Acroyear figures Mego did not import...