8 different toys in 1, over 70 different individual pieces, the Battle Cruiser was the mack daddy of all the Micronauts ships! Released in 1977 as a large boxed item and molded entirely in white plastic, the Battle Cruiser was based on the more colorful Microman Transfer Fortress. When in full Battle Cruiser mode, the ship could hold 4 different figures and contained these main body parts:

1. The front body section/cockpit that had 1 front wheel with holder and 4 main wheels with snap-on retainers to hold them in place. 2. Pilot seat (middle body section) with lower body containing the motor, and upper body, which contained an "ejector seat", equipped with a 5mm peg to hold the figure in place. In the back of the body section was a square button, that when pushed, would pop up a ramp and slide the figure and seat into the front body cockpit. 2 other button posts located toward the front, which held the upper body in place could be depressed and would shoot off the front ship. 3. The rear section could be 2 different components. An "engine" fin piece, which held on magnetically, and was fitted with a control wire and magnetic plug piece.
This "engine" could sit on by itself and be fitted with a large vertical wing that held 2 small rounded missile launchers which could fire the 5 small missiles included or... 4. The Control box. The controller worked two ways. The first way was by adding 2 "C" batteries, and when the spinning wheels underneath the middle body section were either held in the forward position with the stopper, or let loose, it could move straight ahead or in a random spinning pattern. The controller also had 2 small levers that acted as either a forward/reverse control, when the "engine" was plugged into it via the magnetic plug.
The controller also had 2 seperate spring-loaded launchers that fit the small missiles, and the levers acted as triggers. Truly multi-faceted, but it didn't end there. 5. The side wing sections were composed of several pieces. The main cockpit with clear bubble canopy, a cowling or nosecone, vertical tail plane with wing and main wing, which was actually a large spring loaded pistol. The pistol shot out a large rubber tipped missile (2 included) With so many accessories and attachments, any combinations could be made into a smaller vehicle, and the entire Battle Cruiser could be re-arranged in a million different ways. This took the interchangeability feature beyond its limits, and made the Cruiser the most versatile and popular toy produced. A super rare "silver" version was also released by the M&D Toy co. as the Cosmic Attack Cruiser.
  The Battle Cruiser was also packaged with a sticker and instruction sheet. Battle Cruiser parts breakdown: 1 "radar" plank, 1 large vertical wing, 1 connecting arm, 1 "magic hand" claw, 1 ultra joint, 2 vertical planes, 1 front wheel, 1 twin joint, 2 chassis wheel holders, 8 main wheels, 8 main wheel retainers, 1 ejector seat, 2 "rocket" missile launchers, 1 "engine" fin with control wire, 3 hand joint connectors, 2 "propulsion unit adaptors" or large L-pegs, 4 fins, 2 wing cockpits, 2 wing cockpit canopies, 2 booster cones, 5 small missiles, 1 drill cone, 1 "antenna" fin, 2 main wing pistols, 1 upper middle body section, 1 lower middle body section with motor, 1 front wheel receptacle, 2 auxiliary tire receptacles, 2 large rubber tipped missiles, 1 controller box, 1 front body section, 2 nose cone cowlings, 2 "miracle" elbow joints