The biggest, most intricate and desirable of all the "silver" Inter-changeables releases for sure was based on the superbly designed Micronauts Battle Cruiser; the Cosmic Attack Cruiser.

If you are a Micronauts fan, this toy really needs no explanation. Containing well over 70 separate parts, much like it's Mego counterpart, this large battleship can be reconfigured to be a limitless combination of smaller vessels. Including all the original play features as well (such as spring loaded missile launchers, battery operated remote control, etc...) this grand daddy of all the IC ships could keep a kid (or adult) busy for hours on end! The Cosmic Attack Cruiser also has the distinction of being one of the few additions to the line's second series, leaving fans to wonder why it wasn't included in the initial wave.


With so many accessories included, it's a surprise the Cosmic Attack Cruiser was even produced to begin with. It's obvious that the cost cutting was done with the cheaper grade of plastic used, which over time contributes to severely brittle pieces. But in order for the ship to live up to it's predecessor, you need every last little part to do the job.


As was a common occurrence with most Inter-changeables toys, numerous parts were cast in "opposite" colors. As in the case of the Cosmic Attack Cruiser, certain blue and gray pieces were switched, leading to even more interesting variations. When combined with the Mego version, you could come up with quite the patriotic battleship!
If you are lucky enough to come across this hidden treasure, you are just as likely to find the Cosmic Attack Cruiser packaged in a plain brown JCPenny catalog mail away box than in it's colorful M&D Toys packaging. And to add even more on the variation pile, the M&D Toys box also came with a larger "battery operated" blam-sticker located across the lower left hand corner on the front of the box. This leads collectors to believe the production numbers on these toys may be a bit higher than originally speculated at.
The Cosmic Attack Cruiser also came with Inter-changeables versions instruction and sticker sheets, which were basically altered Micronauts sheets. Also any kind of copyright or company info was removed from the ships body, and any kind of release date or year indication on the packaging was nonexistent…even further deepening the mystery of the exact origins of the toys altogether. The Micronology below shows Cosmic Attack Cruiser clocking in as the 3rd variation on the same ship.