"Fully Poseable Space Warrior complete with Laser Sword, Plug In Leg Rockets, Backpack Power Unit, Stun Carbine and See Through Aerobionic Helmet"
This guy had it all! Released in 1978, this plastic figure was based on the Takara Microman M17X Command 3 figure, and came in 3 colors; grey with translucent orange helmet, yellow with translucent black or "smoke" helmet, and white with translucent blue helmet. The helmet was loosely based on the Microman Hoodman figure design. An L-peg rounded out the 9 accessories packaged with the Galactic Defender, all of which are almost always missing from the figures.

Galactic Defender yellow


Galactic Defender gray

This figure had the most detachable, and loseable parts, including hands/wrist cuffs, feet and ankle cuffs. Above the wrist cuff fit chrome wrist wings which could slide on and off, and chrome leg rockets which fit into small holes in the figures thighs. These accessories were identical to their Microman counterparts, while the backpack, laser rifle and sword were all molded from orange plastic and were Mego add-ons.

Galactic Defender was also released sans weapons and extra accessories by Lion Rock as part of a 6 figure assortment



Membros Lion Rock card