"With Magno power action, and firing fists and missles, leader of the evil Acroyear, enemy of the Micronauts"
Released in 1977, the Baron was as evil as it gets. While Geag sported bright candy colors, the Mego Magnos were all molded in one basic color. A boxed item packaged in a styrofoam tray, Baron Karza was all black with red highlights. The magnetic ball/socket joints allowed the figure to have many different points of articulation. He was also compatible with the 5mm peg system, and came with two black universal magnetic ball joints, which helped with the magno interchangeability.

Other accessories included a large 5mm adaptor (which held the rockets to the back), three small red missiles which shot from a stomach port, and four fists ( two which shot from the forearms, and two extra for when you lost them). Along with the universal joint that fit in with the backpack, it included two large black missile holders, replete with 5mm pegs, and two large cone shaped red missiles. Any missiles could be fired from any port.
There are two variations of the Karza figure, most notably with the head sculpt. The Japan version has a smaller mouth, and the eyes are more slanted and brighter red, and is mostly hollowed out, stamped on the underside of the foot, it reads "made in Japan". The Hong Kong version has a larger mouth, and more triangular shaped eyes which are a darker red, and the head is mostly solid plastic, and the stamp on the figures back reads "made in Hong Kong". Apart from this the figures are identical and as evil as can be.
A gray with red highlights version Count Magno was released by the Hourtoy company, and M&D toys released a gray with blue highlights Count Magno as part of their Inter-changeables line.

"With magno power action, firing missiles, Baron Karza's star stallion" While Geag's stallion Panzeroid was mostly white and blue, the stallions followed the same basic color pattern as their Magno counterparts. Released in 1977, Andromeda was a boxed item packed in a clear plastic tray, and was molded mostly in black with grey highlights.

The removable head, four legs, and main body were black, with the adjustable torso joint, main and removable hooves and tail in grey. Aside from the magnetic balls, which resided in the torso section, Andromeda had two magno ports on either side of his body. Two red universal magno joints held black and red missile launchers, which fired small red cone shaped plastic missiles. The four missiles and the four hooves came packaged on a small plastic tree. Later releases included a more rounded tail and missiles possibly for safety purposes.
Other accessories included four grey wheel covers(or hubs) two large and two small red wheels. The smaller wheels came with rubber treads, and when the shaft of the wheel cover was placed through the hole in the wheel, they could be attached to the main torso, in place of the legs, to form a tank vehicle. And of course, removal of the horses head allowed the figure to be placed in it's spot to form a centaur. Andromeda was also packaged with a small sticker sheet.
A gray with red highlights version of Andromeda called Magna Steed was released by the Hourtoy company, and M&D toys released an all gray Magna Steed as part of their Inter-changeables line.