The "silver" series Count Magno followed in the same tradition of the first series Count Magno, being cast in all gray with one minor change: the highlight parts were switched from red to blue, and still bore all the distinguishing trademark features of it's original predecessor Baron Karza.

The three figures were basically identical, but there were some minor changes. The small rubber tipped missiles (used in the original Emperor figure release) were used replacing the smaller bullet shaped belly missiles. Other than that, the Counts and Baron shared all the same action features like magnetic joints and launching fists. A common running theme in the IC line was using cheaper plastic to produce the figures, which led to loose fitting parts like the arm and leg sections.


The Magna Steed (based on the basic magnetic-horse counterpart) was slightly different in color scheme than the original Andromeda horse. While Andromeda was mostly black with gray and red highlights, Magna Steed was cast almost entirely in gray, including all accessories. The Count and Steed also shared the same centaur configuration features the original magno-characters did.



A detail worth noting is that the horsetail used for the IC versions went back to the original "non-safety" pointed tail that was later changed in the Mego line to be more rounded. Also any kind of copyright or company info was removed from the figures body, and any kind of release date or year indication on the packaging was nonexistent…even further deepening the mystery of the exact origins of the toys altogether. Lastly, only Magna Steed - not Count Magno - was released with an Inter-changeables version instruction sheet, which was basically an altered Micronauts sheet and came packaged bearing the HourToy logo.
Micronology chart for Count Magno and Magna Steed to come soon!