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Here is an exclusive look at some pages from issue #2 of the new Micronauts comic book by Dan Jolley and Pat Broderick! The inker for the series is Andrew Pepoy, and issue #1 is on sale now! At the time of this interview on 3/15/2004, the first issue has yet to hit the stands, and the excitement in the Micronauts community is growing! So ISO went to the man himself, Pat Broderick, to get the scoop on the new series re-launch.

At right is a great close-up shot from issue #2, page 6. Our high flying heroes in action once again!

ISO: How does it feel to be working on the Micronauts again after all this time?

Pat Broderick: "A lot of time has past and it's taken some effort on my part to get acquainted to these new characters. But I'm loving the book and I think it shows in the pages."


Cover for #2 by Pat Broderick

ISO: How do you like these new main Micronaut characters so far? (Ryan Archer, etc.)

PB: "I'm starting to get familiar with them. There have been some slight changes with the characters and I'm trying to push to the foreground some of the crew members that had been mostly hanging around the background in the Image series. With the new relationship between Archer and Koriah it's made for some interesting visual setups."

ISO: Who is your favorite character so far and why?

PB: "Since they're all equally important to the series now it's kinda hard to decide. But if I had to choose I'd say Knave."

ISO: Whom do you see the most potential in?

PB: "Personally I think that one of the main ingredients missing form the Image series is comedy. And that's one of the areas I'm now most concerned with. So Knave is the character with the most potential."

ISO: Who do you enjoy drawing the most?

PB: "Archer."

ISO: Who were your favorite characters to work on from the Marvel series?

PB: "Bug first, then Karza, followed by Acroyear."

A snippet from page 6 (above) shows Knave losing a limb...and if that wasn't bad enough news, is that Membros underneath that cloak on page 11 to the right?


ISO: How is it working with Dan Jolley?

PB: "Dan Jolley is a great writer that really knows his way around the Micro-verse. He's personally a very easy guy to work with. His plots are very visual and straightforward. Plus he's always open to input from me."

ISO: Does Dan e-mail you plots? Do you then e-mail him thumbnails/layouts for approval, etc?

PB: "Dan writes his first draft and e-mails it to Marshall at Devil's Due. Then its forwarded to Ken Abrams' people who read it over and give their input. Then it's back to Dan for revisions and back to Devils Due and Mr. Abrams for final approval. After that is when I finally start drawing. First a thumbnail layout, then onto the actual page. After that's done I fax in a copy for approval by both D.D. and Abrams and company. After that it's finally mailed in to D.D., and from there to Mr. Pepoy for inks."

ISO: How is it working with inker Andrew Pepoy?

PB: "Andrew's inking has really impressed me on the pages that I've seen. He uses a brush almost exclusively and I feel he's brought a new dimension to the book."

ISO: Does Andrew ink directly over top your pencils, or are they done separately?

PB: "Directly on the pencils."


some interesting layout and great action in the Pat Broderick style from pages 1, 3 and 8.

ISO: How far ahead are you on books?

PB: "I'm on issue 3 now and I would have been little further ahead If not for a brief stint in the hospital that took a week out of my time."

ISO: How are you feeling?

PB: "I'm fine with a clear bill of health. But let me tell you it scared the hell out of me and they don't know what caused it. Finding yourself as the youngest patient on the cardiac ward is no position to be in. Hell, I actually had a camera sent up my artery in my leg up into my heart and was watching it beat while I laid there on the table. You never want to see the looks on the faces of the ones you love when your being wheeled out of your house at 8:00 am with what appears to be a heart attack."

ISO: It's good to hear you're okůso, now that you're back on track, how many pages a day do you work on/get done?

PB: "I'm doing 1 page a day. Or 6 to 7 pages a week, depending on my school schedule."

ISO: How many days a week are you teaching?

PB: "I'm teaching Animation basics and story boarding at the Academy of Design and Technologies in Tampa 25 hours a week and love every minute of it." continued...

a few close up panels from page 20 (above) let us get a better look at the Micronauts new allies! Can anyone say >tik<?

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