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Cover for #1 by Pat Broderick

ISO: You mentioned previously that Ken Abrams (son of Marty Abrams, head of A.G.E.) invited you onto the series. Can you expand a little more on that?

PB: "During my last month at Future Comics we were contacted by Ken Abrams about possibly publishing the Micronauts. Ken wasn't happy about how the series turned out at Image and wanted to get some of the original magic back on the book. At the time I was unaware that the series had been canceled at Image and hadn't read any of the issues. After catching up with what had been published there, Ken and I spent some time on a conference call about what was wrong with the series and how it could be improved. We were in agreement about where the story should go when it became apparent that Future couldn't do it for these reasons: the employees, investors, and free lancers had been misled about the stability of the company. At that point I left Future and with an agreement with Ken represented the property to other publishers. And actually came very close to getting the financial backing to publish the series myself."

ISO: Can you tell us any upcoming plot lines?


PB: "Issue 1 is a get reacquainted issue. Issue 2 is all action with a little bit of crazy cracked out monkeys, while issue 3 is strictly cinema, wide screen format. Issue 3 takes our explorers to Acroyear's home world and one of the bloodiest battles so far in the series.

ISO: Can you tell us the names of some of these new races of creatures in the second issue? I love the "cracked-out monkey" termů

PB: "I'll let Dan fill you in on that but the "cracked out monkeys" is a term my son Ryan gave them after seeing the art."


A family reunion of sorts from page 13

ISO: Can you expand a little more on the reason for the battle in #3?

PB: "Issue 3 takes place on Acroyear's home world. Remember that his race is still aligned with Throne-world."

ISO: Ah, viva la revolution! Where does this re-launch take place, as far as continuity with the first series? Where is the first story arc set?

PB: "It's been 2 years since the last image issue."

ISO: I see that some "Bug"-like creatures you designed have made an appearance in issue #2. Can you give us some background story on them? Are they an homage to Bug from the Marvel series?

PB: "Yes, you did see a familiar face in the second issue. A gift to the old fans. And who knows, maybe we'll see him again in the near future."


some great action in the Pat Broderick style from pages 17, 18 and 19 (above) and page 2 (below)

ISO: Do you have any new character ideas in store for us?

PB: "With a series concept like the Micronauts to work with there's so much of the toys to explore. I think it may be a while before I introduce character concepts of my own."

ISO: I see more of the MEGO toy stuff is beginning to creep into the book. Is this your doing?

PB: "One of the things that Ken Abrams mentioned when he invited me on board was that he felt that the fans needed to see more of the actual toys in the series and I whole heartily agreed with him. So In the future You'll see as many of the toys as we can throw in there."

ISO: Where are you getting your reference from to draw the toys? (Nemesis, Membros spring to mind)

PB: "The reference is usually provided by Devils Due."

ISO: Will there be any other Mego toy characters making an appearance? In the last issue of the first series, there appeared to be a Force Commander in the shadows...


PB: "If we can work it out I hope to see all of the Mego Micronaut line in there. What I've attempted to do here is bring back to the series something that I felt it lacked in the image series. Fun and comedy, with a whole lot of action and some old fashioned straightforward story telling. I've tried to make each issue different and better than the issue previous. But one thing that I can say about all of the issues so far is that there haven't been any better Micronauts stories done yet. I think that by issue 2 this series will be rolling and the best buy on the stands."

Innerspace Online would like to thank Pat Broderick for taking time out of his very busy schedule to do this interview. Between teaching and working on pages almost everyday, we don't know where he gets the time! But this series is very close to Pat's heart, and he wants to see it be a success! Please hit your favorite message board to help spread the word. By the looks of it...the Micronauts are back!


detail from page 22

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