Welcome to the "News & Interview" section of ISO. Check back here often for updated news about different aspects of the ever evolving and interchangeable world that is the Micronauts. For a toyline that started almost 30 years ago, there certainly is new info popping up all the time:
Super 7 #13 "Oh Antron, Where Are You?" 6/06
The one and only Michael Golden sits down with an exclusive interview... 1/24/07
San Diego Comic Con report! Micro-goodness abounds...8/07/06
Ray Miller's interview with Mego art director Harold Shull 11/17/05
Jerry Macaluso on the Micronauts Evolution 2/20/05

Scott Wherle and Eric Wolfe Hanson on the original DDP Micronauts series 10/22/04

Comics Journal #40 int. with Bill Mantlo 1978 9/05/04
Amazing Heroes #7 int. with Gil Kane 1981 9/05/04

BEM #24 int. with Bill Mantlo part 1 1979 9/05/04

BEM #24 int. with Bill Mantlo part 2 1979 9/05/04
MegoCon 2004 coverage! 6/20/04
Dana Moreshead on Micronauts #5 5/29/04
Pat Broderick on working on the Micronauts part 1- 3/19/04
Pat Broderick on working on the Micronauts part 2- 3/19/04
Ken Kelly part 1- 3/12/04
Ken Kelly part 2- 3/12/04
"Is There a Future for Pat Broderick with the Micronauts?" 10/09/03
Ken Lilly on the Palisades production 11/09/02
















The exclusive interview with Shon C. Bury about his "lost Micronauts" series is here!

So what are you waiting for? Go read it now...!



Head on over to Super 7 magazine, and pick up your back issues #13 and #10, they are a must have for all Micronauts fans.

These issues features amazing articles by Dave Waugh, #13 featuring and finally unveiling for the first time in print form the long lost Ken Kelly Antron painting! The amazing story of conception, to completion, to loss and then acquisition once again..."lost" for almost 30 years, you can now view Antron in it's full color glory! And there's some nice shots of the other card art paintings as well...and who cares about the rest of the content, Micronauts rule the day!
Issue #10 features part 1 on the history of Micronauts, written by Micro-nut Dave Waugh. Other articles and contributors include: Bwana Spoons, Koji Harmon on Gargamel vinyls, Take-Shit (bass player from Cocobat) on classic Ultraman Ace monsters, a history on Robby The Robot, artwork by Mars-1 and Gatchaman creator Yoshitaka Amano, among other cuddly goodness by honchos Mark Nagata and Brian Flynn!

A must have magazine, visit the Super 7 website for more details.